Company Introduction

Business overview and ideology

Business Overview

It is the goal of O2CNI to implement total care that solves all the inconveniences of customers who live in the times of 4th industry.
We are building a unified system on all areas of smart remote care service operation system, technology, content, media and R & D.

Remote care service

Commercialization of the world’s first smartphone remote care service model through partnership with domestic / overseas partners

Total care service of the 4th industry base

Total care to resolve all user inconveniences at once, including security, failures, and other peripherals for smartphones that are the basis of the fourth industry IOT and other information technology

Media & Content

Comprehensive media newspaper business that translates domestic media to foreign users and application guidance for smartphone beginners and provides Q & A answer content by experts.Monthly delivery service of Korean cosmetics. “marichanbox”


Operate own R & D center to build smart CRM and CTI system, smartphone applications, games, agents, etc.

Greetings from CEO

O2CNI is Global IT Trend Leager

O2CNI will add values together with our customers and will be together
still at the beginning and end of the 4th industry.

We will be a world leader with passion and challenge and will continue to improve until the customer is completely satisfied.

The global IT market is rapidly changing, growing and evolving.
In this age of change, a company will gradually diminish and become extinct unless it can change keeping pace with the trend.

O2CNI provides a new business model of remotely provisioning internet terminal failures and technical services of PCs and smartphones which used relied on visiting services to overseas customers not to mention Korean customers.

In addition, we developed various contents as well as measures to the Internet terminal failure to increase the convenience of the customer and increase the proficiency of IT equipment. We are constantly researching and developing to be able to use it in everyday life.

We look forward to your continued interest and expectation in the development of continuous innovation O2CNI.

CEO Shin Hee

Company History


February. The launching of monthly delivery service of Korean cosmetics.’marichanbox’


May. MottoKorea is registered as an Internet newspaper company


March. Open Korea’s information portal site, MottoKorea, for Japan market


January. Launch smartphone & PC introduction site Kittonet for Japan market


September. Open JSELECTSHOP shopping mall


November. Awarded 3 million dollars export by Korea International Trade Association

March. Open Global Samsung Internet Support Center


October. Operation begins for Samsung Internet Support Center

September. Premium Support Service

August. O2Wide Co., Ltd. separates

May. Obtain Business Qualification Certificate (Customer Satisfaction Manager)

May. Obtain Certificate of Business Qualification (Remote Support Technician)

March. Changed corporate name to O2CNI Co. Ltd

March. Acquired the “Internet site safety mark” by the Korea Information & Telecommunication Industry Association

March. Acquired the “Personal Information Mark” by the Korea Information & Telecommunications Industry Association


December. Toshiba Korea Service

November. Award the Korea International Trade Association’s Million Dollar Export Tower

June. Samsung Electronics O2 Care Service

April. Selected as a company to develop and distribute “S/W to filter harmful information for youth” by Broadcast Communication Review Committee

April. Green INET O2kids Service


October. Norton Premium Service (NPS)

September. HanaFOS BI change Broad &

September. Hanaro Telecom CI changed SK Broadband

July. O2Com Service

April. Broad & PC One-stop A/S Service

March. Authorized as Research Institute for PC Doctor Co., Ltd.


December. Registered as a venture company of PC Doctor Co., Ltd.

September. Sony Korea Doctor for Bio Service

September Symantec Japan Norton Startup Service (NSS)

June. Symantec Japan Norton PC Expert Service (NPCE)

April. Symantec Japan Virus Spyware Solution (VSS)

March. Samsung Electronics Service Curecom Service


July. Symantec Technical Support Services for Symantec shopping mall

May. HanaFOS PC OneCare Service

January. HanaFOS Norton Plus Service


October. HanaFOS English Listening Assessment Service

September. HanaFOS Woori Ai Service


March HanaFOS PC Doctor Service

March Established PC Doctor Co., Ltd.

Introduction to CI

O2CNI Color

O2CNI’s blue color is a trusted color to our customer, which also symbolizes the successful business. It has been used to highlight a stable corporate image

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