Business Introduction

Smart remote care

Smart Remote Care Service

We have entered into the era of 4th industry, based on information, knowledge and network.
O2CNI is a leader in smart remote care services which take care of all inconvenience of users that occurs to smartphones, PCs and peripherals. Those are the core of the 4th industry, i.e. Internet (IoT) and mobile.We have made the world’s first commercial service model and are further advancing it.

Key competitiveness of smartphone total care

Secured service areas that care everything for all inconveniences that may occur to the users, such as security, failures and peripheral connection, etc.

Human resource development and know-how

  • Develop professional counselors and engineers
  • Know-how accumulated through many years of overseas business
  • High-quality service that meets global standards

Media & Contents

  • Comprehensive media newspaper business that translates domestic media to foreign users
  • Application guidance for smartphone beginners and provides Q & A answer content by experts
  • Regular delivery service of Korean Cosmetics


  • Operate CRM and CTI system research institute to build total care center
  • S/W R & D for smartphone Apps, Games, Agents, etc.

Business performance (overseas)



Monthly Happy box of Korean Cosmetics



Develop a news site that provides various Korean news in Japanese and provided media content


Renew and open a site that provides Smartphone Q & A and video content




Launch an integrated reader service to provide Q & A and video content for smartphone remote care, smart phone and PC usage



Launch remote care service for customers using 050plus Internet phone

My Pocket plus

Launch a combined product called, “My pocket cloud storage Smartphone remote care”


Award 3 million dollars export from Korea International Trade Association

Award 3 Million Dollar Export Tower with Expansion of Overseas Business

OCN SmartPhone Support Trial

Commercialization of the world’s first smartphone remote care


OCN Premium Support (OCN프리미엄서포트)

Launch and expansion of remote care service through OCN


Award the Korea International Trade Association's Million Dollar Export Tower Award

Award a million dollar export tower with a successful overseas business launch


Norton Startup Service(NSS)

Commercialized a remote Norton solution installation and initial environment optimization service for the first time

Norton PC Expert Service(NPCE)

First commercialization of PC trouble remote care service

Virus Spyware Solution(VSS)

First Commercialization of Virus and Malicious Code Remote Care Service

Business performance (Korea)


Internet newspaper business registration

Started development and obtained qualification of service to provide media content


Opened JSELECTSHOP shopping mall

Began a distribution business in Korea where various products can be directly imported from Japan


Global Samsung Internet Support Center

A cooperation agreement entered with Samsung Electronics Global Internet Technology Support Center


Samsung Global Internet Technology Support Center

A cooperation agreement entered with Samsung Electronics Internet Technology Support Center


Samsung Electronics OtoCare

Launch 2nd remote care service business with Samsung Electronics launches

Green Inet O2kids

Selected as a company to develop and distribute “S/W to filter harmful information for youth” by Broadcast Communication Review Committee

Remote Support for Toshiba Korea

Started remote care service business with Toshiba Korea


Secondary R & D center authorized

Established R & D center for smart CTI, various S/W and mobile application development

Broad & PC one-stop A / S service

Launch an integrated service that provides remote care and offline A/S

O2com Service

Open billing remote care service launched

Norton Premium Service

Launch remote care service products in Symantec Korea online shopping mall as an independent product


Samsung Curecom

Start remote care service business with Samsung Electronics

Sony Korea Doctor For Bio

Start remote care service business with Sony Korea


HanaFOS Norton Plus

Norton antivirus solution and remote care connection service launched

Symantec Store Technical Support

Symantec Korea Online Store Technical Support


HanaFOS English listening assessment

English learning contents provision

HanaFOS Woori-ai

Develop and commercialize child protection solutions


HanaFOS PC Doctor

Commercialization of remote care service for the first time in Korea